Text Box: Fort Lowell–Apache Chapter
United States Warrant Officer Association
Tucson, Arizona

June 9, 2004


11 June 2004


The meeting was called to order at 1803 hours by the Association President, CW3R James with a prayer for Former President Ronald Reagan.  The President declared a quorum was present.  The meeting was held at the MichelAngelo Restaurant in Oro Valley, Arizona. 


Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the 12 May 2004 meeting were approved by members present.


Treasurer’s Report: 

Savings Account Balance as of 31 May 04 was $25.55

Checking Account Balance as 31 May 04 was $1182.84


Presidents Report: CW3R Ron James


  1. Gave the Treasurer  a check for $9.00 which is the Quarterly Rebate from USAWOA.


  1. Reported that the USAWOA  Board of Director's election will be this Fall and anyone interested in running are encouraged to do so.


  1. Recruiting new members is important to the success of the Association and while the WO1s are the future of the organization(their first year's membership is free) paid members will keep it going now.  Of the5,722 members as of April 15,2004 1,007 are "no cost" WO1s.


  1. The Awards Program -


a.       Nominations for the Albert Holcombe Memorial Award for Warrant Officer of the Year and the Virginia M. Holcombe Memorial Award for Warrant Officer Spouse of the Year are due by June 30, 2004.


b.      This is the first year for the Eagle Rising Awards - Nominations are due by July 31,2004


Gold Award - Contributions to WO Corps Army-wide, WOA regional or national, civic-multiple county.


Silver Award - Contributions to WO Corps in the area, WOA in region, civic in county or large city.


Bronze - Contributions to the Warrant Officers at post, WOA Chapter, civic in local area.






Vice President's Report: CW3R Joe Gill


            1.  Presented a comparison of bids for the JrROTC Medal program:

                        American 1 1/4" medal $400 die charge and 100 medals at $6.75

                        American 1 1/2" medal $600 die charge and 100 medals at$5.00

                        Pieces of History,  No Die Charge 1/2down with order balance on delivery

                           $6.50 each with engraving on the back.  100 medals minimum order.

                            Visit to the vendor to follow.   


2.      July 9, 2004 - Ceremony at Ft. Huachuca, 0700 for the conversion of the CW5 rank and

branch emblems.   All CW5s are encouraged participate and all Warrant Officers are invited to attend.



Old Business:  


   1.  Golf Tournament:


      CW5R Baiocchetti reported that all was going well.  He asked that workers arrive as early as possible, but not later than 6:00.  He would like a few to arrive at 5:30AM.  There is a lot to do setting up and getting "give aways" ready for the golfers.


      Duty assignments were reviewed

      List of Donors was presented

      Hole in One Sponsors was discussed - We have 7 now.


2005 AMM:


            Announced the CW3R Mike Turner as the Web Master has created a very rough draft of the first page and has many ideas for the future.  He is looking for members to let him know of items they would like to see in the Web Site.


            The group was reminded that our goal is to prepare a web site that 2005 AMM attendees can log onto through a USAWOA link and review what we will be offering.


2.      CW3R Bill Keller:


Reported that the Memorial Day presentation of a Wreath at the East Lawn Cemetery went well. Two members of the Chapter were in attendance.


3.      June 4, 2004 the WWII National Glider Pilots Association had a luncheon and ceremony with a n invocation.


4.      Flag Report:


CW5R Baiocchetti reported that he had been in contact with our Warrant Officer contact in Korea and has given him the directions to the shop that makes the flag we want to have made.  He is having a new picture made and will send it to our contact man so he can show them what we want.

You may recall New Jersey sent us a check for a flag and we had to return the money because we lost our contact.  Also the USAWOA President indicated interest in buying a Lectern Flag for the Association to use at function.

We plan to again display it at the Annual Meeting this year.


 New Business:


            It appears that our present meeting date is causing a problem with a couple of our regular attendees.   It was suggested that we poll the members to see if a couple of alternatives would be acceptable.

            An e-mail will be sent to members offering choices and based on the response  the next meeting date will be announced.


                        2nd Tuesday of the month

                        3rd Tuesday of the month

                        Leave it 2 Wednesday of the month


Next meeting will be held at Michelangelo Restaurant, date will be announced.


Adjournment:  CW2R Wilfong made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.  Motion was seconded by CW3R Gill and passed by members present.  The meeting of the Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter was adjourned at 19:42 hours.



Submitted By:

Vincent A. Baiocchetti, Jr., CW5R

Secretary, Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter, WOA