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Fort Lowell–Apache Chapter
United States Army Warrant Officers Association
Tucson, Arizona
July 12, 2004



13 July 2004



The meeting was called to order at 1806 hours by the Association President, CW3R James.  The President declared a quorum was present.  The meeting was held at the Michelangelo Restaurant in Oro Valley, Arizona. 


Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the 9 June 2004 meeting were approved by members present.


Treasurer’s Report: 

Savings Account Balance as of 31 July 04 was $25.55

Checking Account Balance as 31 July 04 was $2,174.25


Motion made and seconded to accept theTreasurer's Report pending audit.  Motion passed.


Presidents Report: CW3R Ron James


  1. Announced that tickets for the USAWOA Annual Raffle tickets are out and encouraged everyone to buy tickets to support the program.



Vice President's Report: CW3R Joe Gill


            1.   Has set up a meeting with a medal company on Wednesday July 14, 2004 at Flowing Wells High School.  Purpose is for Ron & Joe to review the costs and processing time for the JrROTC Medals that we will be giving out to Flowing Wells cadets and also to sell to other Chapters that support an JrROTC program.


Old Business:  


   1.  Golf Tournament After Action Report:


      Overall the tournament was a success.  The program went off well and it appears that an early morning start time in early June seems to be the right mix.


Suggestions for next year:


      Mulligans - Players are limited to 3 per person.  Mulligan Tickets NOT be used for the drawings.


      Raffle - If we run a raffle, only the raffle tickets are to be used for the drawing of door prizes.


      Prizes - Instead of letting people come up and pick out their prize, someone should be up front and hand them a prize.



2005 AMM:  CW5 Baiocchetti reviewed with members projects with the members.


1.  CW3R Mike Turner - will talk to the Convention Bureau regarding what they will do to support our Convention.


2.      No further activity regarding Glass of some kind to give as a memento - CW3R James


3.      Commemorative Coins was a suggestion.


4.      Laser Etched glass block with a 3D emblem of the Rising Eagle - CW3R Turner  will have prices by September.


5.      Star Party as an evening activity possibly on Wednesday


6.      Thursday is still open - but does not necessarily have to have a scheduled activity.


7.      We will have the SPA available for the spouses during the day


8.      Need to have/make centerpieces to the Dinner Dance.


9.      The European Chapter may have glassware we might consider to mementos.


Web site:


CW3R Mike Turner informed us that a friend of his who is in the web site  business has offered

To provide us with a Domain Registration, DNS Server, and Web Site Hosting for $50.00 per year.


Mike made a presentation of what our Chapter web site would look like.  He emphasized that this in only a rough draft with a variety of ideas offered for discussion.  He will also build our Host Chapter web site for the 2005 Annual Meeting.


He presented several different names for our web site address.



 New Business:


     1.   Moved by CW4 Fridlund, seconded by CW3R Gill that the web site name be: 

  www.usawoa-ftlowell-apache.  The motion was passed.


  1. Motion made by CW4R Lindamood, seconded by CW3R Huggins to appoint CW3R Mike Turner as our Web Master.  Motion passed.


  1. Motion made and seconded by CW4R Lindamood and seconded by CW3R Huggins to authorized the expenditure of $50 to buy a one year web site address.  Motion passed.


  1. Motion made by CW3R James and seconded by CW3R Gill to authorize the commitment of up to $350 as a deposit for the purchase of 100 JrROTC medals.  Motion passed.


  1. CW3R Ron James moved to change the meeting night to the 2nd Monday of the month and if a three day holiday falls on that day, the meeting would be held on the 3rd Monday. Motion was seconded.  Motion passed.


  1. Next meeting of the Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter will be on August 9th at Michelangelo



Adjournment:  CW2R Wilfong made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.  Motion was seconded by CW3R Gill and passed by members present.  The meeting of the Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter was adjourned at 19:55 hours.



Submitted By:

Vincent A. Baiocchetti, Jr., CW5R

Secretary, Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter, WOA