Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter

United States Warrant Officers Association

Tucson, Arizona


11 April 2005

The meeting was called to order at 1802 hours by the Association President, CW5 Baiocchetti.   The President declared a quorum was present.  The meeting was held at the Michelangelo Restaurant in Oro Valley, Arizona. 


Secretary’s Report:  Motion made by CW3R Turner, seconded by CW3R Gill to approve the  minutes of the 14 MARCH 2005 meeting. That was sent by E- Mail. Motion approved by members present.


Treasurer’s Report: 

Savings Account Balance as of 31 MARCH 05 $ 25.74               

Checking Account Balance as 31 MARCH 05 $ 1491.27


Motion made by CW3R GILL and seconded by CW2R Wilfong to accept the Treasurer's Report pending audit.  Motion passed.


President's Report: CW5R Baiocchetti                                                                       


1.   The Annual WOA golf tournament is scheduled for 11 JUNE 2005. He has sent out 17 letters

     and we already have prizes coming in. The cost is $ 40.00 dollars per player.

2.  We need a person to pick up prizes from Finley Distributing.  CW3R Keller volunteered.


Vice President's Report: CW3R Joe Gill

     1. Nothing at this time.  

1. Nothing at this time.         


Old Business:  


    1. CW4R Lindamod finally picked up the flyers from the Desert Museum.


    2. CW4R lindamood and CW3R Huggins completed the audit of the treasures 2004 ledger all was

        in order.


    3. Their was discussion on the 2005 AMM.


    4. CW3R Turner is still working on the AMM registration forms.


    5. There will be No transportation for the AMM from the Air or Army AZ. National Guard.


    6. CW3R Schmid is still working with the MWR for transportation.


   7. CW3R James and CW4R Lindamood to check with school district on cost of bus rental.


New Business:


  1. Their will be a 2005 AMM planing meeting Sat. 16 April at the Double Tree Hotel.


  2. Received a check for $ 49.00 dollars for the first set of JROTC medals from CW3R Turner.


  3. A set of JROTC medals will be sent to WOA National for them to view and have on to show.


  4. The speaker for the 2005 AMM will be the AG of Arizona Maj. Gen David P. Rataczak.


  5. Motion was made by CW3R James to pay $ 493.75 which is balance due for the JROTC

      medals Second by CW2R Cogut. Motion was passed.


  6. Received $50.00 dollars from Suburban Motors for golf tournament.                


  7. Battle of the Bulge Veterans picnic 21 April 05 at Reid Park.


  8. Wreath for Memorial Day service 30 May 05 at South Lawn Cemetery will be handled CW3R

      Bill Keller.


  9. Flowing Wells JROTC has a car show Sat. 16 April 05.


  10. CW3R Keller received a Certificate and a US. Flag that was flown over Camp Sather at

        Bagad Airport from US. Troops during operation IRAQI Freedom.


  11. Motion was made by CW3R Turner to pay CW5R Baiocchetti for stamps used to mail letters to

        potential donors for golf tournament prizes Seconded by CW4R Lindamood Motion was passed.




CW3R Keller made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. Motion was seconded by CW2R Cogut and passed by all members present. The meeting of the Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter

was adjourned at 19:20 hours.                    


Next meeting of the Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter will be at 1800 hours, 9 May 2005 at Michelangelo Restaurant in Oro Valley.


Submitted By:


Harold L.Lindamood CW4R

FT. Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA


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