Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter

United States Warrant Officers Association

Tucson, Arizona


13 August 2005

The meeting was called to order at 0810 hours by the Chapter President, CW5R Baiocchetti at the Double Tree Hotel in Tucson.  The President declared a quorum was present.


Secretary’s Report:  CW4R Lindamood

The minutes of the June 11, 2005 were presented.  Motion by CW3R James to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by CW2R Wilfong. Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  CW3R Art Schmid


Savings Account - $25.82

Checking Account - $2,436.17

Motion made by CW4R Lindamood to approved the Treasurer's Report pending audit.  Motion seconded by CW3R John Curtis.  Motion passed.


President's Report: CW5R Baiocchetti                                                                       


1. Three guests were in attendance, Mrs. Jean Curtis, CW4 William Whealy, President of the Arizona Silver Chapter at Ft. Huachuca, and CW5 Jim Wynne. 

2. President reported that the Omni National would provide a meal of Hamburger/Cheeseburgers (as many as each wants), condiments, Water or Tea for $10.00

Vice President's Report: CW3R Joe Gill


Vice President was out of town - No Report


 Old Business:  


1. Motion made by CW3R Ron James and seconded by CW4R Lindamood to move the June 10, 2006 Golf Tournament from Randolph Golf Course to the Omni Tucson National Golf Resort and Spa.  Motion passed.


New Business:


CW4R Lindamood moved that we have our September meeting at the Cattletown Restaurant, located at 3141 E. Drexel Rd (On the corner of E. Drexel Rd & Country Club Rd.), seconded by CW4R Huggins.  Motion Passed.



CW4R Lindamood made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion was seconded by CW5 Rinehart and passed by the members present.  The meeting of the Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter was adjourned at 0830 hours.

The next meeting of the Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter will be held at 1800 hours, 12 September 2005 at the Cattletown Restaurant.  CW4R Lindamood will make the necessary arrangements.


Submitted By:


CW4R Harold Lindamood


Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA



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