Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter

United States Warrant Officers Association

Tucson, Arizona


21 March 2005

The meeting was called to order at 1800 hours by the Association President, CW5R Baiocchetti.  The President declared a quorum was present. The meeting was held at the Michelangelo Restaurant in Oro Valley, Arizona. 

Secretaryís Report:  Motion made by  CW3R Joe Gill, seconded by CW4R Lindamood to approve the  minutes of the 21 February 2005 meeting. That was sent by E. Mail. Motion approved by members present.                                                           

Treasurerís Report: 

Savings Account Balance as of 28 February 05 $25.72

Checking Account Balance as of 28 February 05 $1491.27


Motion made by CW2R Wilfong and seconded by CW3R Turner to accept the Treasurer's Report pending audit.  Motion passed.


President's Report: CW5R Baiocchetti


      1.   The President received a renewal check from National Office for $9.50


Vice President's Report: CW3R Joe Gill


      1. JROTC Medals will be sent CW3R Ron James as chairman of the JROTC Medals program.

      2.  Wednesday 16 March their will be a change of command ceremony at FT. Huachuca

               For the new commander M.G.Barbara Fast.


Old Business:  

       1. CW4R Lindamood stills need to get flyer from the Desert Museum.


       2. 2005AMM


           a.  Look at program proof of the annual meeting ball but donít have price yet.


           b.  Mike Turner is working on the AMM registration form to be put on the web site .Hopes to have it completed by 1 April 05.


           c. The president still working getting transportation from the Air NG.


           d. CW3R Schmid is working with MWR at DM. For a bus trip.


           e. Meal selection will be done later


            f. Hope to have the Army band from the 24th to play for the presidents reception.


           g. We are going to have a cowboy poet for the presidents reception and he will be in western dress and will explain why cowboys wear certain clothes..


 New Business:


      1. In November Little Anthony Diner will be giving discounts too all veterans.


           a. CW3R William Keller has a DVD called Living Under the Blade if any one wants to borrow.


           b. The CIB Infantry Assoc..annual convention will be in Tucson in Oct?


          c. It was stated by the president that CW3R Huggins and CW4R Lindamood would due an audit of the books for 2004.




CW3R Schmid made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.  Motion was seconded by CW3R Turner and passed by members present.  The meeting of the Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter was adjourned at 19:30 hours.


Next meeting of the Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter will be at 1800 hours, 9 May 2005 at Michelangelo Restaurant in Oro Valley.

Submitted By:



Harold L.Lindamood CW4R

FT. Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA



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