Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter

United States Warrant Officers Association

Tucson, Arizona


8 October 2005


The meeting was called to order at 0910 hours by President, CW5R Baiocchetti, with the pledge of Allegiance. The President declared a quorum was present.


Secretary’s Report:  CW3R Michael Turner filling in for CW4R Harrold Lindamood


            The minutes of the 12 September 2005 were presented. A motion was made by CW3R James to approve the minutes as presented. Second by CW2R Curtis. Minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  CW3R Art Schmid


CW3R Art Schmid was absent. No Report at this time.


President's Report:  CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti


No Chapter Report.  See the AMM2005 Planning Meeting report below.


Vice President's Report:  CW3R Joe Gill


            Nothing at this time.


Old Business




New Business




AMM2005 Planning Discussion


        1. The banner received from USAWOA had TUSCON spelled incorrectly.  CW5R Baiocchetti has mad the necessary change to TUCSON.

        2. The manual ‘stubby pencil’ check-in procedures were explained by CW3R Turner. CW3R Gill volunteered to learn the computer based system and will assist with check-in duties on Monday and Tuesday.  There will be one computer and photo printer available at the check-in desk for Pre—registered with no changes, Pre-registered with changes and Walk-in registrations.






The next meeting of the Ft. Lowell Apache Chapter will be held 1800 hours at Michelangelo Restaurant in Oro Valley, 14 November 2005.


Submitted By:


CW3R Michael Turner


Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA



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