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Meeting Minutes –


8 January 2007


The meeting was called to order at 1806 hours by the President, CW2R John Curtis, with members saluting the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance. The President declared a quorum present.  The meeting was held at Michelangelo’s Ristorante Italiano


Secretary’s Report:  CW3R Michael Turner


The minutes of the December 2006 meeting were presented previously to the members electronically. A request for clarifications or changes produced none


              A motion was made by CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti to accept the minutes as published.  The motion was seconded by CW3R Al Price.  The motion passed


Treasurer’s Report:  CW4R Harold Lindamood



1. November 30, 2006 (deferred at Christmas Dinner Party)

                  Savings Account - $ 5.00

                  Checking Account - $ 3,038.36


2. December 31, 2006

                  Savings Account - $ 5.00

                  Checking Account - $ 3,044.36


A motion was made by CW2R Leonard Wilfong to accept the November and December Treasurer’s Reports subject to audit and seconded by WO1 Mark Head. The motion passed


President's Report:  CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti



Chapter Accomplishments in 2006

            Issued the Ft Lowell-Apache Chapter Shirt to members

            Hosted the first Arizona Statewide Chapter meeting

            Presented Distinguished Cadet Medals (4 at Flowing Wells, 1 at Cholla)

            Presented two Scholarship awards ($500 each)

            Highly successful Golf Tournament - doubling our expectations

            Received USAWOA award for Community Support (JROTC)

            Received the USAWOA 5 years of service award and streamer

            Participated in: Memorial Day "Laying of the Wreath" and

                                     "Massing of the Colors"

            Sponsorship of Flowing Wells JROTC 1st Annual Drill Competition


Vice President's ReportWO1 Craig Dowdney


            Report deferred to allow for pressing business.


Old Business


1. The Chapter bylaw change to the Terms of Officers was approved by National.  CW3R Ron James made a motion to accept the "Change in the term of office for the Elected/Appointed Officials".  The motion was seconded by WO1 Craig Dowdney.  After a thorough discussion concerning the change of officer terms from one year to two years, the vote taken was overwhelmingly negative.  The motion failed. The secretary is directed to notify National of the rescission of the change to the Chapter bylaws


            2. CW3R Ron James presented an update on the success of the Flowing Wells JROTC 1st Annual Drill Competition, held December 16, 2006:


            a. Twenty-three schools competed.  These JROTC cadets represented their school's program splendidly.  Their attitude and enthusiasm was refreshing and catching.  From their travel and preparation in the o'dark-thirty hours to the mid-afternoon conclusion, they remained focused and ready to present themselves for inspection.  All competitors deserve recognition.  There were over 50 total trophies and awards in seventeen categories.  The overall winner of the Ft Lowell-Apache Trophy was Catalina HS Air Force JROTC


            b. Thanks to CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti, WO1 Craig Dowdney and WO1 Mark Head for their outstanding job in judging their events.  And thanks to CW3R Al Price and CW2R John Curtis for their efforts with calculating and interpreting the scoring


            c. The final cost for the mounting of the perpetual trophy was $109.45.  A motion for the chapter to pay $109.45 was made by CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti and seconded by CW2R Leonard Wilfong.  The motion passed


            3.The Ft Lowell-Apache Chapter will host the 2nd Arizona Statewide Chapter Meeting in conjunction with our regular March 2007 meeting.  Possible locations and dates were submitted by the members in attendance.  CW3R Al Price verified the availability of March 18th, for the El Conquistador Country Club private dining room.  The reservation was made pending confirmation of the availability of the Western Region Director and Deputy. The chapter Points of Contact will be CW3R Al Price and/or CW2R John Curtis.


            4. CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti presented some initial posters, sign-up sheets and good news regarding our 2007 Golf Tournament.  It will be held on Saturday, June 9th, beginning at 0730 hours at the Tucson National Golf Resort, Sonoran Course.  A donation was received from Mary Turner, spouse of CW3R Michael Turner, on behalf of their company, Shamrock Electro Optics, for $152 to fund the Hole-in-One $5000 prize.  All members were encouraged to begin now to solicit for corporate and personal donations of gift certificates, items and money to be used in gift bags, raffle and category winner awards.


New Business


1. A discussion concerning fundraising efforts was begun. Various ideas were floated, such as Coins, Hats, Shirts, Golf Markers, Golf Balls, etc.  The purpose and need for additional chapter funds and the requested involvement of our members were clarified by CW2R John Curtis and CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti.  Initial research will be conducted and presented at a future meeting by WO1 Gary Ahrens


            2. The subject of inviting guest speakers to our monthly chapter meetings was entertained.  A decision was made to further pursue this subject, focusing toward this fall.  For the February, March and possibly April meetings, the chapter will invite all JROTC senior cadet scholarship applicants to speak


            3. CW2R John Curtis shared comments that he had received concerning the height of our National Flag Pole and the lack of an Eagle Ornament.  Discussion ensued.  Further research of vendors will be conducted by CW3R Ron James.  A motion was made by CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti to table the issue.  The motion was seconded by WO1 Mark Head.  The motion passed


            4. CW3R Ron James brought up the opportunity for his JROTC cadets to earn some money by working the eight weekends of February and March at the Renaissance Fair in Apache Junction.  He needs 31 cadet volunteers of 16 years or older.  They will also need adults to work with the cadets in food service.  All members who are interested in helping are encouraged to contact CW3R Ron James as soon as possible




CW3R Al Price made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.  There being no discussion, the motion was seconded by WO1 Mark Head and passed by the members present at 1950 hours.


The next meeting of the Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter will be held on 12 February 2007, 1800 hours at Michelangelo’s Restaurante Italiano, 420 W. Magee Road.



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Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA


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CW3R Michael Turner


Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA


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