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Fort Lowell - Apache Chapter


Meeting Minutes –


9 December 2007


Meeting called to order at 1428 hours by President, CW2R Curtis, with members saluting the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance. The President declared a quorum present.  The meeting was held at the Turner Residence


Secretary’s Report:  CW3R Michael Turner


The minutes of the November 2007 meeting were presented previously to the members electronically. A motion was made by CW3R Huggins to accept the minutes as published and seconded by CW4R Lindamood.  The motion passed


Treasurer’s Report:  CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti


As of November 30, 2007

            Savings Account = $ 5.06

            Checking Account = $ 1691.32

            Certificates of Deposit = $ 5152.01


A motion was made by CW2 Dowdney to accept the Treasurer's Report subject to audit and seconded by CW3R James.  The motion passed


President's Report:  CW2R John Curtis


The Swearing In of our new Chapter officers will take place on 14 January 2008 at Michelangelo's Ristorante Italiano.  COL Jordan from the WAATS is our guest speaker (http://www.azguard.gov/waats/default.asp)


The annual Apache Drill Meet is scheduled for 15 December 2007 at Flowing Wells High School.  Judges, in full military uniform, are to report at 0630 hours and Tabulators are to report at 0730 hours


Vice President's Report:  CW2 Craig Dowdney


Today’s meeting is my last meeting with the Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter for awhile as I will be deploying to Kuwait in January 2008


Unfinished Business:          


JROTC Scholarship – CW2R Curtis is to provide a narrative update for the 2008 program for the Chapter website


JROTC 2008 Scholarship Committee to be formed in January 2008 to receive, review, consider and select the Scholarship winners for 2008



New Business:


Please see the announcement concerning CW2 Dowdney under the Vice President’s Report



For the Good of the Order:


CW3R Turner and Mary Turner welcomed everyone into their home for this year’s Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter Christmas Party and thanked everyone for coming.  Now let’s party…




CW5R Baiocchetti made a motion that the meeting be adjourned; seconded by CW3R James and passed by the members present at 1445 hours


The next meeting of the Chapter will be held on 14 January 2008, 1800 hours, at Michelangelo's Ristorante Italiano, 420 W Magee Rd


Members Present:

CW3R Edward C. Blankshen

CW5R Vincent A. Baiocchetti

CW2R Theodore L. Cogut

CW2R John T. Curtis

CW2R Craig C. Dowdney

CW3R Gary Huggins

CW3R Ronald James

CW4R Harold Lindamood

CW4R Robert Ozier

CW3R Michael Turner


Guest(s) Present:

Mrs. Leslie Blankschen

Mrs. Eileen Baiocchetti

Mrs Jean Curtis

Mrs. Donna Dowdney

Mrs. Nancy James

Mrs. Betty Lindamood

Mrs. Joy Ozier

Mrs. Mary Turner


Submitted By:


CW3R Michael Turner


Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA


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