United States Army Warrant Officers Association


Fort Lowell - Apache Chapter


Meeting Minutes –


13 December 2009


Meeting called to order at 1440 hours by President CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  The President declared a quorum present.  The meeting was held at CW3R Michael Turner's residence.

Secretary's Report:

The minutes of the November 2009 meeting were presented previously to all members electronically.  Motion made by CW3R Michael Turner to accept minutes as published, seconded by CW5R Dave Koch.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:   CW4R Harold Lindamood


As of November 30, 2009


Funds in Savings Account:

            Opening Balance         November 1, 2009       $5.06

            Interest Income                                                            $0.00

            Closing Income                        November 30, 2009     $5.06


Funds in the Checking Account:

            Opening Balance         November 1, 2009       $4,744.95

            Ending Balance                        November 30, 2009     $3,886.81


A motion was made by CW3R Michael Turner to accept the Treasurer’s Report, subject to audit, and seconded by CW3R Gary Huggins.  The motion passed.


A motion was made by CW3R Michael Turner authorizing the Treasurer to roll-over any maturing CD's at the highest available rate.  Seconded by CW3R Gary Huggins, the motion passed.


President's Report: No report


Vice-President's Report: No report


Unfinished Business:


1. Flowing Wells JROTC Apache Drill Competition: CW3R Ron James thanked the Chapter for it's financial support.  He also thanked the judges, CW3R Al Price and CW2 Craig Dowdney, and scorers, CW5R  Baiocchetti, CW3R Ed Blankschen, CW2R John Curtis, for their efforts.  The awards and trophies were presented by CW3R Price.


2. New Chapter Officers: The elected/appointed officers were sworn in by CW5R David Koch.


New Business:


1. FWHS JROTC Support: A motion was made by CW5R Koch to provide the Flowing Wells JROTC with an additional $200 in order to equate with the previous year's support, this would bring the total amount donated to $500.  The motion was seconded by CW3R Price and passed.


2. Solicitation for Support:  The Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation has contributed dinner and theatre tickets to the Chapter's Golf Tournament for the past several years.  They are requesting financial support from all previous recipients of their generosity.  A motion to send $50 to the Fox Theatre was made by CW3R Turner.  Seconded by CW3R Lindamood.  A motion to amend the main motion to read "$100 in place of the $50" was made by CW3R Price and seconded by CW3R Turner.  The main motion then became "To send $100 to the Fox Theatre."  The motion passed.


3. Awards: President CW5R Baiocchetti presented a Certificate of Appreciation from the US Army Warrant Officer Association to CW3R Michael Turner for his technical expertise contributing to the successful 2009 Annual Meeting of the Members in Salt Lake City, Utah.




There being no further business…and the Chapter members' spouses "patiently" waiting in the adjacent room…and the aromatic food waiting to be consumed, CW4R Price made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by CW3R Turner.  Motion passed at 1457 hours.

The next meeting of the Chapter will be held at 1800 hours on January 11th at the El Parador Restaurant, 2744 East Broadway Boulevard.


Members Present:

CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti

CW5R David Koch

CW4R Harold Lindamood

CW3R Ed Blankschen

CW3R Gary Huggins

CW3R Ron James

CW3R Al Price

CW3R Art Schmid

CW3R  Michael Turner

CW2R Ted Cogut

CW2R John Curtis

CW2R Lance Dickinson

CW2R Leonard Wilfong

Guests Present:

Eileen Baiocchetti

Linda Koch

Betty Lindamood

Leslie Blankschen

Nancy James

Marsha Price

Jean Schmid

Mary Turner

Marie Cogut

Jean Curtis

Bette Dickinson



Recorded and Submitted by: CW2R John Curtis



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