United States Army Warrant Officers Association


Fort Lowell - Apache Chapter


Meeting Minutes –


11 January 2011


Meeting called to order: at 1807 hours with President CW2R Lance Dickinson leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  The President declared a quorum present.  The meeting was held at Metropolitan Grill American Kitchen.


Secretary's Report:  CW3R Michael Turner


The minutes of the November and December 2010 meetings were presented previously to all members electronically.  Motion made by CW3R Ed Blankshen to accept minutes as published, seconded by CW2R Ted Cogut.   Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report, as of 31 December 2010:  CW4R Harold Lindamood


Funds in the Checking Account:

            Opening Balance                    1 November 2010                   $4,681.64

            Ending Balance                       31October 2010                      $5188.37


A motion was made by CW3R Al Price to accept the Treasurer’s Report, subject to audit, and seconded by CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti. The motion passed.


Opening Balance                    1 December 2010                   $5,188.37

            Ending Balance                       31December 2010                  $ 4,784.72


A motion was made by CW3R Ed Blankshen to accept the Treasurer’s Report, subject to audit, and seconded by CW2R John Curtis.   The motion passed.


President's Report:  CW2R Lance Dickinson


Apache Drill Competition:  The Apache Drill Competition went very well. The secretary requested the results of the event and the photos of the winners be provided for the website. 


Christmas Party: This year’s event was held on 5 December, at 2 PM at the home of CW3R Ed and Leslie Blankschen.  Ed and Leslie provided a wonderful afternoon of joy and good times.


Preparation for our 501(C)3 Application: CW2R Lance Dickinson continues to work with Maj(R) Robert DeWitt and CW3R Ron James of the Flowing Wells JROTC unit to process the request for IRS 501(C)3 designation for the chapter.


Vice-President's Report:  CW2R John Curtis



·         We have a total of 35 members, with 9 Life Members

·         The newest member of the chapter is CW3 Jessey Ferbeyre (AV).  We welcome Jessey and his wife, Jessica.

·         CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti completed 20 years of continuous USAWOA membership.

Missing in America Project:

·         7 names were submitted to the National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records (NPRC-MPR) for verification in 1 October 2010

·         The veteran’s were listed as indigent, cleared by the Coroner, cremated and ready for processing out. There have been no replies from NPRC-MPR to date.

·         A California contact has reported that they are still waiting on their August submissions.

Birthdays: CW2 Ted Cogut on January 3rd.


Unfinished Business:   


IRS Not For Profit (NFP) Request: See the President’s Report.


10th Annual Warrant Officer Golf Tournament: The tournament will be held on Saturday June 11, 2011, at the Tucson National Golf Resort. CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti would like to have NFP request to be in pending status to assist with obtaining donations to support the chapter.

The VA is suspending their golf tournament for the summer.


JROTC Scholarship Program 2011: CW3R Ron James provided an update on the annual  Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter JROTC Scholarship Program and has provided CW3R Michael Turner with an updated Citation for Distinguished Service reflecting the newly elected National President, CW4R Pete Hill.  CW3R Ron James and CW2R Lance Dickinson will provide the updated information to CW3R Michael Turner for updating the Chapter website.


CW3R Joe Gill’s commemorative brick request at the Southern Arizona Memorial Cemetery is still pending a response from the cemetery in Sierra Vista, AZ.


Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA, ROTC Medal: The appropriate letters have been submitted by CW3R Ron James to the Institute of Heraldry in response to the Institute’s request for information concerning the JROTC Medal program, the medal specifications, where and how the medals are purchased for award and a letter from the ROTC Cadet Command to the Institute of Heraldry concerning certification of our Fort Lowell-Apache ROTC medal. CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti reminded everyone that our Fort Lowell-Apache ROTC medal is NOT certified by the Cadet Command for wear on the cadet’s uniforms.


New Business: 


Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter 10th Anniversary: A discussion ensued concerning a formal recognition of the Chapter’s 10th Anniversary as a USAWOA chapter.  A “sense of the Chapter” is that the members agreed that a formal dinner/dance would be appropriate for the celebration.  Further discussions will be held in the coming months.


Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA, ROTC Medal:  A discussion was held concerning the cost of the medals and the overall program.  CW3R Ron James suggested that consideration be given to raising the prices of the medals, adding a “pay by credit card” feature on the Chapter website to make it easier for the JROTC organizations to purchase the medal.  Once the Institute of Heraldry certification has been received, we foresee a large increase in the demand for the medal.


CW3R Joe Gill:   A letter and check for $400 were sent to the Cochise Oncology Clinic in the memory of CW3R Joe Gill.


For The Good of the Order:  .


CW2 Jeff Whitbeck has been accepted into the CID and is leaving for a deployment soon.  CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti extended an offer to his family for help in any manner that the family may require while Jeff is deployed.  As part of the ongoing Chapter program for deployed members, the Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter will pay for CW2 Whitbeck’s USAWOA membership dues while he is deployed.


Chapter Member Birthday’s: CW2R Ted Cogut, 3 January.




There being no further business, CW4R Harold Lindamood made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by CW3R Ed Blankshen.  The motion passed at 1910 hours.


The next meeting of the Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter of the USAWOA will be held at Cody’s Beef and Beans at 1800 on Monday, February 14, 2011.


Members Present:


CW2R Lance Dickinson                                              

CW2R John Curtis                                                                                          

CW3R Michael Turner                                                                                   

CW4R  Harold Lindamood                 

CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti

CW3R Ed Blankshen

CW2R Ted Cogut

CW2 Jim Herrington

CW3R Gary Huggins

CW3R Ron James                                                       

CW4R Bob Ozier

CW3R Al Price            

Guests Present:


Jean Curtis

Betty Lindamood

Joy Ozier



Recorded and Submitted by:

CW3R Michael Turner, Secretary



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