United States Army Warrant Officers Association


Fort Lowell - Apache Chapter


Meeting Minutes Ė


12 September 2011


Meeting called to order at 1800 hours by President CW2R Lance Dickinson. The members rendered the Pledge of Allegiance. The President declared a quorum present. The meeting was held at the Metropolitan Restaurant.


Secretary's Report:

The minutes of the August 2011 meeting were presented previously to all members electronically. No changes or objections were offered. The minutes stand.


Treasurerís Report:


As of August 31, 2011

Checking Account Balance $3,817.70


A motion was made by CW3R Art Schmid to accept the Treasurerís Report subject to audit and seconded by CW2R John Curtis. The motion passed.


President's Report:

No Report


Vice-President's Report:

No Report


Unfinished Business:


1.    Chapterís 10th Year Anniversary:


A.   CW2R Lance Dickinson reported the former Chief of Staff General Wickham had accepted our invitation to attend our anniversary dinner and speak to the group.


B.   John Curtis report that he had talked to Office Max about printing the notices on Post Cards and can be done by them.  He suggested some changes might be made to the draft that had been sent out for review.  CW2R Dickinson said he would review the statements and work on revising them to include General Wickhamís attendance.  The plan is to send the cards out within the next few days. prepare invitations that would be mailed out in early October with a commitment date by around 5 November, but have calls made to everyone who has not responded by late October.


C.   Discussion was made about having pictures submitted by members that we could scan and put on a DVD which would run continuously off to the side. These pictures could include Chapter pictures, pictures of members when they were younger, etc.


D.   CW5R Baiocchetti reported that he is working with others at National to have General Wickham appointed as a CW5 by the Aviation Branch.


E.   It was also discussed to have a Toast and a Missing Soldier Table.


F.    A call was received by Mrs. Mallone of the IRS regarding our application for a

501C(3) designation.  She wanted a change in the By-Laws that would show where the assets of the chapter would go if the Heritage Foundation was no longer in existence.  Discussion revolved about a very general statement that would ensure that the assets would go to a 501c(3) organization.


     G.  Motion made by CW3R Art Schmid that the following By-Law Change be approved.  Motion was seconded by CW2R John Curtis.  Motion was approved unanimously by members present and voting.




a. Upon dissolution of the Chapter, no member will benefit from disposition of chapter assets. Chapter members or EXCOM may chose to either sell property and equipment, or  donate such to an organization with purposes or philosophies similar to that of USAWOA.

b.  All assets of the Chapter will be assigned to the "Warrant Officers Heritage Foundation" a 501c(3) organization 462 Herndon Pkwy, Suite 207, c/o USAWOA Herndon, Virginia 20170-5235.  However, if the Warrant Officers Heritage Foundation is not in existence at that time, the assets of the Chapter must be given to a 501c(3) organization.

c. If liabilities exceed assets, the local Chapter will make necessary arrangements to assume such liabilities. There will be no liability to individual Chapter members.



New Business:


1.  Nomination of Officers was opened.  In accordance with the By-Laws, nominations will be made at this meeting but will remain open until the October meeting, at which time any new names may be presented before the nomination process is closed.


Nominations made:


CW2R Lance Dicksinson for President


CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti for Vice President


The positions of Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the President.


2.  The question came up about supporting another golf tournament next year.  The group felt that it is our major source of income and should be continued next year.  CW5R Baiocchetti will look into the process and report back to the chapter at the next meeting.                                                                    


3.  The subject of the Website was brought up.  CW5R Baiocchetti reported that he had been in touch with CW3R Michael Turner and was waiting for Mike to let him know when it would be convenient to get together to go over the change over.  John Curtis told the group that he had spoken with a neighbor, Dan Pataconii, who has website experience and would be interested in taking of the maintenance of the website.  John will  contact Michael and set up a get together.



CW2R Curtis made a motion for adjournment, seconded by CW3R Cogut. Motion passed at 1910 hours.


Our next meeting will be at 1800 hours on October 10th at Codyís Beef and Beans, Ft. Lowell Rd.


Members Present:

CW2R John Curtis

CW2R Lance Dickinson

CW2R John Curtis

CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti

CW3R Ted Cogut


Guests Present:

Jean Curtis

Bette Dickinson

Jean Curtis


Recorded and Submitted by:

CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti, Secretary




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