VOLUME 2 NUMBER 2                                                                                                            FEBRUARY 2004


I want to say thanks to Joe and Gary for attending the Flowing Wells H.S. annual Jr. ROTC Military Ball, held 24 January.  Many of the Cadets had questions that Joe and Gary were happy to answer and Joe’s Dress Mess Uniform intrigued the cadets. 

Just a note regarding the cadets – February first the Jr. ROTC Drill Team and Color Guard competed in a competition held in Phoenix where they captured two 1st place, one 2nd place and one 3rd place trophies. 

They travel to Bullhead City for a competition Valentines weekend (14 February.)

 Let’s take the time to invite a new member or friend to our next meeting, remember, they might just be waiting to be asked. 

Also lets not to forget that special someone on Valentines Day. 

Have a great month!              Ron    



For those who have children (or grandchildren) entering or in college, you should think about their applying for a USAWOA Scholarship.

For details check out our Warrant Officer Scholarship Foundation at



Everyone needs to be
at our WOA meeting
on February 15th.


Groundhog Day                   Feb 02

Arizona Admission Day       Feb 14

Presidents’ Day                   Feb 16

Member Meeting                 Feb 16

Mardi Gras                           Feb 24

Member Meeting                 Mar 15

Fort Lowell Designated       May 20

3rd Annual Golf Tourney       Jun 12

National Airborne Day         Aug 15

2004 AMM-Virginia         Oct 10-15

2005 AMM-Tucson         Oct 22-27

    (Subject to Change)



President                       Ron James


Vice President/Editor             Joe Gill


Secretary             Vin Baiocchetti           


Treasurer              Arthur Schmid


Historian            Leonard Wilfong





On Saturday 24 January, so of us were privileged to spend the evening with those outstanding high school students—members of the Flowing Wells High School JROTC Battalion.

There is plenty of room for more of us to see the fine work President Ron and Co. are doing.



WO Scholarship Foundation

WO Heritage Foundation



Everyone needs to be
at our WOA meeting
on February 15th.


Effective March 15 2004, CW5-R Daniel J. Logan, Jr. will assume duties as the Association's Executive Director.  In this position, he will represent Army warrant officers and their families to Congress, DoD and Army Headquarters.  Logan will also assist in formulation of Association policy as well as manage the operational and outreach programs of USAWOA. In his capacity as Executive Director, he represents USAWOA as the subject matter expert on warrant officer issues and interests at The Military Coalition. Logan, a 35-year veteran of the active Army, retired in October 2003.  He served as the first Warrant Officer Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Army, at that time General Eric K. Shinseki.  Logan entered military service in 1968, was appointed as a warrant officer 1977, and served with distinction in positions of increasing responsibility throughout his career.


Logan is married to Linda Logan (nee: Martin), a career government-service professional. They reside in Wood-bridge VA and have two grown children and two grandchildren



CW5 Frank Meeks recently announced the following appointments: CW4 (Ret) Don Hess National Chaplain, CW2 Debra McDonald Chair the Futures and Marketing Committee, and CW5 (Ret) Dick Scalzo to Chair the 2004 Nominations Committee.

Everyone needs to be
at our WOA meeting
on February 15th.


Hey everybody,


Well, I thought I'd get a quick note off to you all. I'm still in South America.  My tour was extended out to cover the balance of my Army Reserve call up.  That puts me here until at least the end of February.  I should know within the next two weeks if I'll be pegged with a second year of the call up.  (Given the news of late, the huge number of reservists getting pulled for Iraq and Afghanistan and other parts of the world, I think there's little doubt that I'll be doing a second year.)  Should that (WHEN that) occur(s), I'll be here in Colombia for anywhere from 90 to 180 more days, or even up to next December.  ?Quién sabe? (Who knows?)

I got home for Christmas and spent some absolutely wonderful time with the girls.  I really miss them a lot.  I turned 40 last week and didn't drop dead. When I was in my teens and twenties I never dreamed of getting this far.  Funny, I don't feel a day over 39!

Next week I'm heading out of Bogotá for what could be quite a while.  I just returned last Tuesday from a week deep in the jungle.  I'll heading back in that direction.  This time I'll be on a two-man American team working with a Colombian Army Brigade. It should

be pretty interesting. The work schedule will be three weeks in the field (JUNGLE) with four days off back here in Bogotá.  What I'll try and do is send you all something when I'm back in Bogotá, but I'll probably not have much use of the internet otherwise. I will be able to send and receive snail mail while I'm in the field, however.  My address is CW2 Scott Kirley, USMILGROUP, Bogotá Unit 5139/ PATT APO AA34038-5139. I know some folks have had problems getting parcels and cards, etc. to me, but, hey, every little piece that makes it means a LOT.  Also, since I'll be away from civilization, in deepest, darkest "FARC-land," if you're able to send the M&M or

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Three Chapter members have been deployed. Please remember them in our prayers and write them on happenings here on the home front via email from all of us.
     CW4 Lyle Fridlund
     CW2 Scott Kirley
     WO1 Jeff Whitbeck


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Snickers kind of sweets, it would be great.  (And not to worry, I'm under 170 lbs now. I am a PT hound down here!)  I just crave the heck out of good ol'American candy when I'm in the jungle AND, more importantly, the Colombian soldiers and the kids really think it's a treat to get stuff like that.

So, without further adieu, I'll sign off for now. Your friend in the jungle,                                   Scott



We have now identified 40 Army warrant officers living in Tucson and we are sure there are even more that we have yet to identify. If any member knows of any other heretofore-unidentified WO please let Veep Joe know so we can continue to grow.



Our Association’s National positions are filled through elections, held every two years. The members elected to these offices make up the Board of Directors for the USAWOA. Here is a list of all of the National Offices: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, plus Directors for the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-North, Mid-South and Western Regions.  Please contact our Immediate Past President, CW5 (Ret) Dick Scalzo, at if you are interested in running for any of the Chapter and/or National Offices. Completed Nomination Forms and Resumes must reach Home Office by July 12th to be on the ballot.




First, I want to thank the chapter for renewing my dues for the next year. It has been a long year for me. We have transferred our Authority to another battalion that will be replacing us in the coming year. Currently we are packing up our containers, and they should be heading back to Kuwait later this week.

I will be going with the containers as part of the advance party to prep for the rest of the unit when they convoy back around 15 Feb. The plan now is to have us back in Ft. Bliss on or about 6 March. We are still waiting for the marching order but they have already approved to send our equipment back down to Kuwait.

I have been reading your e-mail, that the chapter will be hosting the national meeting in 2005. One of the reserve officers that works with me here is the marketing manager for Desert Diamond Casino, there in Tucson. We might be able to work something out with him in regards to having the dinner there or some type of other entertainment. We have already talked and he did ask me what we were looking at in terms of numbers. Can’t wait to get back to Tucson, hope to see you all in the near future. Oh yes,Iwas promoted to CW4 in Dec 2003.           Lyle 


[No Experience Required]